I am an artist, designer, and writer living and working in Amsterdam.

I am obsessed with combinations of old and new. I love old masterworks, namely those from the renaissance and baroque eras, along with the stories and myths that they depict. The compositions of figures surrounded by symbols provide a foundation for nearly any story that I could want to tell. At the same time, I am rooted in the present with an eye toward the future. Through time I find patterns and relationships that become the basis for my art. Over the past decade, my work has evolved from defining the new in terms of pop culture, to showing how technology affects us as individuals and as a society.

While I can explore these themes as narratives in painting, through design I am to directly influence how humans interact with technology.

It’s important to me to leave everything I encounter better than I found it, and I take great pride in teaching. For five years, I used my company as a platform, and now I’ve finished The Practical Guide to Experience Design, a book that looks at the more pragmatic side of designing experiences for humans. Aside from this hefty endeavor, most of my writing is wasted on email, though you might catch the occasional quip elsewhere.

My about me would not be complete without mentioning my partner in everything Hans Gerwitz. Together we seek adventure, inspire each other, and raise two glorious felines.