Whether it's with pixels and vectors or charcoal and paper, I have a passion for illustration. There are few things as magical as the ability to capture a story or a personality through lines and shapes, and then to share that with the world.

The Cave

An illustration of a labyrinth shaped as an A
An illustration of a flock of hot-air balloons shaped as a B
An illustration of a pool shaped as a C
An illustration of balloons flying over a hill shaped like a D

This series tells Plato's Allegory of the Cave in two stories through a digitally illustrated alphabet. Completed and shared on Instagram as a part of 2018's 36 Days of Type.

Digital Illustration

Masked Sketches

a masked woman
a masked woman
a masked woman
a masked woman

A series of whimsical sketches of women hiding their expressions behind emotionless masks.

Digital Illustration

a charcoal drawing of a woman admiring the read shoes on her feet

The Tragedy of the Red Shoes

Seven large-scale charcoal and pastel illustrations based on the beautiful and tragic Hans Christian Anderson tale.

A portrait on a mug

Team Portraits

A small series of illustrations made for the most awesome of teams.

Alice walks, followed by a queen, through a field of oversized flowers.

Through the Looking Glass

Illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There