We worked with Philips Male Grooming to build confidence through data visualization.

Philips FaceSmart

Smart face care is a range of products including a FaceSmart shaver and cleansing brush, a SkinAnalyst sensor and an iPhone app. We worked together with Philips Male Grooming to create an app to support users in measuring and improving their facial skin hydration and gloss.

Artificial Team: Shannon E. Thomas, Hans Gerwitz, Carol Liao, Ariane Garoff

Using design to inspire new possibilities

The FaceSmart project was already well underway when The Artificial was engaged. We helped to disrupt the ongoing work and solidify the existing thinking by creating additional architectural and visual design directions.

gestural design

Letting data visualization lead the experience

FaceSmart revolves around two types of visualization: a single measurement of skin hydration and gloss and those measurements shown over time. We focused on finding the best way to communicate this data, knowing that these visualizations would be the user’s core experience.

finding the perfect data visualization

Keeping compromises minimal

We worked closely with the internal design and development team to make sure the design was implemented correctly and that compromises were considered and intentional when made.

ensuring quality through development

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