A photo of Shannon E. Thomas

Hi there. I'm Shannon.

I'm into creative product management and strategic design. By day, I'm Head of Experience Design at VanMoof. By night, you'll find me in my studio, either painting or making faces out of clay. I also wrote The Practical Guide to Experience Design.

Here are some highlights from my most recent adventures:

Opening soon! Atelier Awful – a studio and event space.

Designed, glued, painted, and patterned 30 Mardi Gras masks for Krewe of Freret.

Took up ceramics and quickly became obsessed with clay faces and glazed patterns.

Launched the next generation of VanMoof e-bikes – the S5 and A5.

Finished Coming to our Senses, a series of five small paintings exploring how we grow closer to the digital realm while increasingly distant from the real world.

Spoke at Shift Mobility about how Design is Shaping the Future of Mobility and on the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive team in Elle is Driving a New Perspective.

Published my book, The Practical Guide to Experience Design.

Coming to Our Senses

a woman sits in the window and smells her wrist
a woman stands in the window and listens to birdsongs playing from her iPhone
a woman stands in the window, drinking lemon flavor from a can
a woman surrounded by photos of friends and family presses her hand against the window because she is alone

Women wait in their windows, looking out on nothing. Each tries desperately to recreate a specific sensation, something that once was, but now that has vanished in all but a synthesized form.

Acrylic on Panel

Pages from The Practical Guide to Experience Design

The Practical Guide to Experience Design

After five years of running a boutique UX consultancy, I gathered our many learnings into a practical guidebook of processes, complete with high-fidelity examples.

Future Perfect

Botticelli's Primavera with face recognition overlays
Breugel's The Tower of Babel floating on a gigantic pontoon
Raphael's Saint Catherine of Alexandria with a face blurred beyond recognition

In the past we had gods; now we have technology. Future Perfect combines renaissance stories and compositions with contemporary themes and technology.

Acrylic on Canvas

Signature Masks for Krewe of Freret

On the first weekend of Mardi Gras, The Krewe of Freret rides handing out hand-decorated masks as their signature throw. Every year I paint a new series for the parade-goers of New Orleans.

Here are some other things to click on:

a clay vessel with a face whose eyebrow is raised
an illustration of a camera
a pink mask with popcorn painted on it
a woman holds a lotus flower
a woman looks at the camera
a sketch of a woman wearing a mask
a labyrinth in the shape of the letter A
a charcoal illustration of a woman