I support clients in crafting best-in-class experiences. Through close collaboration, we choreograph engagements across physical and digital product and service touchpoints, lead with the moments that have the greatest impact, and refine the details through execution.

A More Complete History

I’ve designed social experiences for Microsoft, Vodafone, and Purina, and worked with a great team at Big Fish Games to bring a casual MMO to life.

I helped to create a wedding registry experience full of celebration for Target and a home-buying experience with a story for Weyerhaeuser.

Along with some of my favorite people, I designed apps that define larger ecosystems for Samsung and Reliance Jio, and created personal and professional health solutions for Philips and Topic.

I’ve worked closely with startups like VanMoof, Roader, and Monolith to define and design the best solutions for their users.

I’ve worked with Corrio to help keep inmates connected to their loved ones.

Before IOT was a term, I worked with Delta Dore to create a touch interface for the smart home. More recently, I worked with Fresh-R to visualize air quality in homes and offices.

Beyond user experience, I’ve imagined possible futures with Intel and 3D Systems.