I am a hands-on creative leader.

I live at the intersection of design and product managment, and have a history of building diverse and effective teams. I value a strong collaboration with business and technology partners and seek to establish inclusive processes within organizations. Using curiosity, passion, humility, and an eye for detail, I strive to bring user-centered experiences that are both practical and magical to life.

Recent History


Launched the next generation of VanMoof e-bikes – the S5 and A5.


Worked across disciplines at VanMoof to create an experience strategy to guide work and priorities for the next five years.


Established experience design as a discipline and set the standard for user-centric approach to product definition and development at VanMoof.



Consulted for two years, supporting companies seeking to disrupt their own processes or the status quo within their industry. Clients included Booking.com and Deutsche Bahn.


Successfully launched my first (and only) Kickstarter campaign for to [icon].


Founded and ran The Artificial, a boutique agency specializing in UX and product strategy. Clients included Philips and 3D Systems.


Worked with frog design in Munich, Seattle, and Amsterdam. Clients included Vodafone, Xbox, Intel, Target, Samsung, and Reliance Jio.


Diverse Collaborators

I’ve found that the best teams are made of diverse people with t-shaped skills and a passion for collaboration. I seek to build an environment that is both safe and challenging, enabling people to do their best work.

Flexible Processes

Process cannot solve everything, but it can compensate for a lot. I do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, and strive to find ways of working that empower teams to be user-focused and flexible.

Oneness with Tools

Being able to use one’s tools to their fullest is as important as having the right tools. Designers and product managers who are one with their tools (and processes) are able to truly focus on solving problems.

Industry Expertise


I’ve worked with Deutsche Bahn to bring more holistic thinking to their mobility offering and with VanMoof to transform our cities with e-bikes.

Social Networks

I’ve designed a social network for humans and their pets for Purina, brought to life the social side of music-streaming service Zune for Microsoft, and worked on UI in and around a casual MMO game at Big Fish Games.


I helped to create a wedding registry experience full of celebration for Target, designed a home-buying experience targeted at a more urban market for Weyerhaeuser, and collaborated with a startup to bring more measurability to brick-and-mortar stores.


I’ve worked on TV interfaces for North American and Asian audiences, and collaborated with Xbox to build the reference app so that other companies could develop usable apps for the gesture interface of the Kinect.


I worked with Philips AVENT to create connected apps supporting the healthy development of babies and with Philips Sonicare to create an experience around a tele-dentistry service. I also worked with a partner to develope tools that would increase operating room efficiency.

Design Systems

With some of my favorite people, I designed apps that define larger ecosystems for Samsung and 3D Systems, and created the reference app that established the design system for the Xbox developer SDK.

Cases from VanMoof

Design Team on Bikes

Establishing Experience Design

Establishing a team and a discipline around user-centered design

Bike handlebars with mounted phone

Designing a Connected E-Bike

Bringing to life a connected e-biking experience for the VanMoof S5 and A5

Customer journey map

Developing an Experience Strategy

Working across departments to establish a product & experience strategy