I've taken on a lot of projects. Here you'll find the big ones – multi-year endeavors that I've tackled often with my partner Hans. For now, the performance is in three acts: an agency, a book, and an atelier. So pull up a chair, get out the popcorn, and enjoy the show.

An image of an art studio with paintings and a ceramics wheel

Atelier Awful

Atelier Awful is a collaboration between Shannon E. Thomas and Hans Gerwitz. It is a cabinet of curiosities ranging from the visual to the edible. It is a space for creating the new and appreciating the old. It is a space for experiencing and for exploring. Sit back, relax, and let yourself be amazed.

Pages from The Practical Guide to Experience Design

The Practical Guide to Experience Design

After five years of running a boutique UX consultancy, I gathered our many learnings into a practical guidebook of processes, complete with high-fidelity examples.

An image of an art studio with paintings and a ceramics wheel

Artificial Design

The Artificial was a boutique UX agency operating from 2013 – 2018. In the second half of 2018, I decided to go solo, consulting for two years before going in-house at VanMoof. Looking back, it was a pretty great time and place.

What do all of these things have in common?

With every interaction, I strive to leave things better than I found them. For the things I make, I’m never satisfied. I’m in a constant cycle of learning and iteration. When it comes to other humans, I seek collaborations of growth and am an eager mentor.

The projects on this page all encapsulate this raison d’être. The agency was a platform to teach designers about how to be effective in business and technology, expanding our reach beyond the box that design is often put in. The book captured learnings from years of consulting so that others could learn from my experience and mistakes. With the atelier, I’m turning in a new direction, creating a platform for creativity to be cultivated and shared.

Most of these projects are taken on in collaboration with my partner Hans Gerwitz. He’s my co-founder, my editor, and my constant champion. He’s also a great cat-dad to our two glorious felines.