I work in series, exploring a theme through multiple paintings. Most of my work is figurative, capturing my experience as a woman and my obsession with stories. Common themes include the relationship between people and technology, the role of women in historic and present mythology, and the human capacity to overlook uncomfortable truths.

Coming to Our Senses

a woman sits in the window and smells her wrist
a woman stands in the window and listens to birdsongs playing from her iPhone
a woman stands in the window, drinking lemon flavor from a can
a woman surrounded by photos of friends and family presses her hand against the window because she is alone

Women wait in their windows, looking out on nothing. Each tries desperately to recreate a specific sensation, something that once was, but now that has vanished in all but a synthesized form.

Acrylic on Panel

Future Perfect

Botticelli's Primavera with face recognition overlays
Breugel's The Tower of Babel floating on a gigantic pontoon
Raphael's Saint Catherine of Alexandria with a face blurred beyond recognition

In the past we had gods; now we have technology. Future Perfect combines renaissance stories and compositions with contemporary themes and technology.

Acrylic on Canvas

a woman lies on an orange couch

Midnight in the Garden

Midnight in the garden explores good and evil, capturing virtue and vice in simple embodiments. What's good is not always good for all time, however, and it can be hard to keep up with such fickle gods making the rules.

a woman sits in a field of saplings, holding a lotus flower in her hands

Short Stories

Capturing moments with deep meanings that exist somewhere between artistic intention and audience understanding.

The Tragedy of the Red Shoes

a charcoal drawing of a woman admiring a pair of red shoes from afar
a charcoal drawing of a woman admiring the red shoes on her feet
a charcoal drawing of a woman who cannot remove her gaze from the red shoes on her feet
a charcoal drawing of a woman in pain from the red shoes she wears

Seven large-scale charcoal and pastel illustrations based on the beautiful and tragic Hans Christian Anderson tale.

Charcoal on Rives BFK

Snow White and her apple lying on a bed of pattern

Without the White Knight

The fates of princesses whose heroes never showed up to save them

A woman is lying down with a patterned creature. The same pattern covers the wall behind her.

The Zookeeper's Daughters

Taking a closer look at our complicated relationships with animals

Alice walks, followed by a queen, through a field of oversized flowers.

Short Stories

Illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There