I spent the past three years leading the Experience Design team at e‑bike startup VanMoof

The company may have ended in tragedy, but we did some incredible work along the way. This is the story of growing a world-class team, launching multiple bikes, and establishing an experience strategy to guide priorities across departments.

a team riding e-bikes on a tree-lined path alongside a canal

Establishing a Team

Building the teams and practices companies need to realize the strategic advantages of design

In three years, I built and scaled the Experience Design team at VanMoof. This required retraining the organization, establishing a shared hiring strategy with engineering, and implementing structures to guide the growth of the team.

an iPhone mounted on a bike's handlebar and showing a mobile app for riding

Designing a Connected Product

Creating seamless experiences around products that bridge physical and digital worlds

I brought together design, engineering, marketing, and operations departments to establish an overarching experience strategy, and then established inclusive processes to drive alignment toward shared outcomes.

a journey mapping out key parts of the user experience

Creating a Strategy and a Movement

Defining opportunities so that teams are empowered to set their own destinies

I worked across departments and levels, pulling together top-down and bottom-up approaches into a single overarching strategy to guide our work for the coming quarters and years.